Becoming a Sherlock Homes tenant is simple and easy, our staff are always here to ensure your move into your new home goes smoothly.

Tenancy Application

When you have decided to apply for a property Sherlock Homes Letting Agency will provide you with a Tenancy application form. In this form you will be required to tell us about:

  • Your current and previous addresses.
  • Your current or previous Landlord if you have previously rented a property.
  • Your working history.
  • Your current Income.
  • Photo I.D. and a bill showing your current address.

Tenant Fees

Tenant FeeVATTotal Fee (inc. VAT)
Tenancy Application£150£30 £180
Additional tenant£60£12£72
DepositMinimum of 1 Months Rent
Pet FeeAdditional £10 per month per pet to Monthly Rent
Change of Contract£60£12£72
Extension Fee£60£12£72
Late Rental Payment Charge£30£6£36
Tenant Check Out Fee£50£10£60
Tenancy Application fee can be paid in two separate payments. For example at the start of the tenancy application and at the end of the tenancy application process.


A number of our landlords require that tenants have a guarantor. A guarantor maybe also be required if there is an issue with your credit reference or if your annual salary is not equivalent to fifteen times the rent of the property. A guarantor would also undergo credit referencing to ensure that they have the financial means to meet any rental arrears if the situation may incur.

What other fees may I need to pay before I move into my property of choice?

  • Additional Person
  • This may be required if you have someone residing with you who is over the age of eighteen, examples maybe a spouse or partner.
  • Deposit
  • The deposit is to cover any potential damage beyond normal wear and tear and/or any unpaid rents at the time of the termination of the tenancy.
    The amount of a deposit can vary, but is usually the equivalent of one months rent.
    The deposit will be submitted to the Deposit Protection Service, who are an independent body, who adjudicate any disputes which may occur, this offers you as a tenant more protection.
  • Pet Fee
  • We may require a one off payment of £100.00 for any pets that you may have. This payment is non refundable.
  • Change of Contract & Extension fee
  • This fee applies when any changes are made to your tenancy agreement. Such examples may be a change of names on the tenancy agreement, or a new contract being issued with a change of dates. At times your landlord may pay or contribute to some of these charges.

Sherlock Homes Letting Agents are not currently a registered member of The CMP.